About Us

XPS Delivery & Logistics Company is established in London by Professional

  team of 45 years of experience.

  As a Innovative institution,  we have combined our experience with the next generation technologies embedded with logistics system. 

This innovative E Logistics system is going to change the common way of logistics that we all know over the centuries .

Our main goal is to build E Logistics System and allow everyone specially young students in all over the World  to join to this system to learn about the World logistics services , International Trade , E-Commerce & Finance ,

Also they will have experience while they continue study and will earn extra salary at the same time. 

XPS Delivery has invested in major infrastructure of One Belt One Road initiative development program in the last 5 years.

For this Project we have signed an agreement with one biggest Railway Logistics company in China and invested in 11 different warehouses & collection centers all around the region.

Now we are operating in 45 different countries in Europe, Turkey , Asia & MENA regions.

Our expert them has established the BlockChain logistics which combines

Cyrptocurrencies into Logistics market, Xps delivery is the first and the only

company in the World that accepts cyrptocurrency such as HT ( Huobi Token ) ,

Bitcoin , Ethereum & Ripple.

Our mission is to support the World Wide Trade by cutting the logistics expenses by min %20, improving the delivery timing by %50 & the level of service by %100.

By One Belt One Road initiative Logistics program is a new model of contribution & investment opportunity for the clients and the investors.

The system we have established here is the combination of Sea, Rail & Land

logistics with the support of BlockChain system for the next generation logistics solutions.

The idea of BlockChain Logistics is not only to save Money and save time on receiving products and the doing the job in a rightway. 

We also believe the power of helping many students to have a change to work , earn extra income , get experience in working life and help to improve themselves in many ways. 

XPS Delivery is also a member of many Charities around the World , XPS Delivery managment team is proudly accomplished this system that from every business & from every income this organization makes we are proudly giving back to Charities.  

' We believe that There is No Success if there is no Sharing '