Industrial Project Logistics

We possess unique and recognised expertise in the organisation and performance of  exceptional transport and/or indivisible loads operations. We transport outsize industrial parts, for facilities such as nuclear power plants and wind farms requiring special handling and transport equipment.
With our expertise in contractual logistics, we can manage temporary storage facilities near work sites and bring you our know-how to provide effective work-site logistics.


XPS Delivery network of experts around the world ensures the seamless transition of the supply chain and that goods are routed according to optimum time, cost and reliability constraints.

XPS DELIVERY Industrial Projects services include:

- Pre-feasibility stage: Road survey with definitive solutions

- Transport engineering with related traffic

- Authorisation for heavy-lift transport

- Basic civil works related to transport completion

- Tailored packing solutions

- International freight forwarding (air, sea, land)

- Air & sea chartering

- Heavy-lifts, super heavy-lifts transportation

- Loading / handling / offloading

- On-site delivery

- Lifting

- Installation on the structural foundations

- Surveyors (insurance) 

XPS DELIVERY  provides custom-fit solutions in the following sectors:

- Oil & Gas

- Mining

- Nuclear

- Hydro-electric & Renewable Energies

- Petrochemicals and Chemicals

- Construction

- All Industries (Water Desalination Unit, Railway, Iron and Steel Industry, Cement Factory)

High-performance shipments for all customers