BlockChain Logistics

We are proud to announce that XPS DELIVERY is the first Logistics & Transportation company has signed a  global partnerhisp with Huobi Global  HT ( Huobi Token ) Cryptocurrency in Global Market .

To make the service better we combine all Manufacturers + E Commerce Business  + all other Logistics service companies  + Payment systems in same chain .

XPS Delivery came up with this new idea and organisation as BlockChain Logistics payment system with Huobi Token.  

 HT  ( Huobi Token ) you can easy make Money transfer , payments and purchase any goods.

With this new organisation all our clients can follow up their goods and make easy payments by HT and also buy investing in HT Cryptocurrency value will rise to become more profitable for all our clients World Wide .

HT ( Huobi Token ) +  BTC Bitcoin +ETH  Ethereum + XPR Ripple  can be easly used for all our tranportation services. 

We  are all about making business better, smarter, safer and more efficient for everyone.

Companies across the industry spectrum are coming to the realization that they can use blockchain technology to streamline their operations and provide better service to their clients.

The trucking and commercial transportation industry has been particularly active with blockchain implementation.

You can easly join us Huobi Token