One Belt One Road ( OBOR )


It could transform international trade as we know it, but requires unprecedented co-operation between organisations and nations to reach any of its ambitions. So what does “Belt and Road” mean for businesses in Asia and Europe?

“Belt and Road” is an initiative by the Chinese government aimed at reviving the historic Silk Road between China, Europe, and the Middle East. The original Silk Road was in fact made up of a large number of trade routes which served Chinese and Greco-Roman merchants. From around 114 BC, the Silk Road’s routes sustained the flow of goods between China and Europe – at least until the Ottoman Empire cut off the routes going through Turkey in the 1400s.

As part of “Belt and Road”, the Chinese government aims to re-establish trade corridors along many of the Silk Road’s original routes. “Belt” refers to the Silk Road Economic Belt, which passes overland from China through Central Asia to continental Europe. “Road”, somewhat counterintuitively, refers not to a land-based road but the Maritime Silk Road, an oceanic route connecting China to Europe and South-East Asia by way of ports in India and Africa. Each main route is likely to consist of numerous tributaries connected to China’s major cities and trade hubs.


Trade between China and Europe, the traditional mode of transport is more dependent on sea and air transport,Its have been difficult to coordinate and solve the practical problems in that time and costs

To break the shackles of XPS DELIVERY  traffic development as a forerunner of the Silk Road The Belt and Road logistics project,once opened it to become the most competitive, worthy of the name comprehensive cost-effective transport mode.

Compared with the traditional shipment of Maritime Transport time is 1/3, and the cost is only 1/4 of the Air Freight.

It is with the shortest international transport, customs clearance convenient, the highest safety factor, the largest density, high technology content, trade facilitation, warehousing and distribution of a number of advantages such as rationalization. More and more enterprises has attracted to join cooperation .Predictably,along with the operation process of influence will further enhance the future of regional logistics in central channel not only connect with the European fast iron Chinese trade
transportation also the power to boost domestic engine to Europe International Transit hub!